Chapter 1

Personal Wiki and notes which I am to lazy to write a blog article about.

Just a bunch of handy links I often share or refer to.

12 Factor App

Changelog format

Readme driven development

Free Books by Google for Site Reliability

SRE Books

Community about Documentation

Semantic Versioning

I think most people know that and still everybody does it different. Also it is not always a good choice to force semantic versioning.

Philosophy on Alerting by a Site Reliability Engineer at Google

My Philosophy on Alerting based my observations while I was a Site Reliability Engineer at Google

Reactive Manifesto

Cloud Computing Patterns

Landscape for Cloud Native Applications

Writing good Git commit messages

How to Write a Git Commit Message


Placeholder for random stuff.

A nice Documentation Theme for hugo

Docs Theme used by big sites as Kubernetes

Learn about User Interfaces and User Experience

This is a game which will show you how much you can do wrong in a user interface. Never made it because of rage quit.

(User Inyerface)(