Blog Comments and Forum!

My website has comments now. And a forum for a yet non-existing community!

Blog Comments and Forum!

Hey folks, you can leave comments on my blog posts now!

I wanted to have a place for people to comment on my articles if there is ever a person who wants to leave a message here. Be it feedback, typos, whatever you want.

I did not want to use something like Disqus because of the tracking and ads. Also, I wanted to have something which is self-hosted. Additionally, I thought it would be cool to have a place where people could discuss topics outside of comments to the blog posts. Basically a forum for a community that does not exist yet. ?

I decided to go with Discourse because I really enjoy their software in a lot of places already. Like the Home Assistant Community, Ghost Forum, etc.

Their discourse docker setup was pretty straightforward to set up for me. Except that I was not that smart and did set up the A record wrong.

Anyway, I will appreciate any feedback regarding my blog posts and of course any other questions and discussions you come up with.

Have a pleasant weekend!