First-time Flutter Live Coding Experiment

First live stream experiment. Will do some flutter development today (05.02.2022 at 07:00 PM CET).

First-time Flutter Live Coding Experiment

The live coding stream starts at 07:00 PM.

Use this to check your timezone against that time

I have never done a stream so let's see how bad I can mess this up!

ajfriesen - Twitch
Hey,thinking about to stream Flutter development which I am new at, setting up and using TrueNAS scale the first time.Something like this. Find out more here:


I will be working on my fitness app which I want to build for myself.
I am still a beginner. I will use the local firebase emulator and will just continue where I left off. No worries it is super simple and basic at this moment. And a mess! :D


I recently watched a few live streams of people coding something and it was interesting!
Also, people were asking about flutter devs who live stream.
Maybe someone finds this interesting as well.

Maybe see me later!