What is this page?

It is a now page, an idea by Derek Sivers. As Derek describes it:

Besides answering the common question, “What are you up to these days?”, those who have a now page say it’s a good reminder of their priorities. By publicly showing what you are focused on now, it helps you say no to other requests.

If you do not know what a /now page is head over to:

Moving soon

After nearly 3 years of searching for a new home, we found something.

From the first of November 2022, I will be living in a rural area. Maybe a little earlier. Now I have more time for my projects again. Unbelievable how much time and energy goes into research, finding a place, contacting people, visiting, and more research.

Although moving and preparation will also cost a lot of time and energy.

Building right now

I am building right now. I start with listing self-hostable services and handy links I always send to colleagues and friends.

Also, this is a way to get better at Python, Django, and a little bit of HTML with CSS. I really enjoy building this right now. Unlike the Flutter stuff. Not sure why though.

Updated at 2022-08-04