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Learning App Development with a mentor

Since ever I wanted to develop my own app. Currently, I am paying a mentor to help me unblock and teach me some things about flutter.

Might be just another sports app with a list of exercises and workouts, but it will be my app!

Recovery from surgery

I had surgery on my right shoulder. Nothing big but takes time and effort to get back my mobility and strength.

Fits perfect for the app I want to build. Listing exercises I need to do to get back my form.

Searching for a better place to live

Still living in Cologne Germany but I and my girlfriend are looking for something quieter. Problem is, that prices for rent are super high, not even thinking about buying something in the broader Cologne Bonn area.

Maybe someday we find something with a garden and more space. Especially since I am working fully remote now, an extra room for my office would be nice.

We are also considering moving into a house with a friends couple and share a garden for example. But these objects are quite rare anyway.

Working from home

Before the pandemic, I was out job hunting for a remote job. I had to look international, which I have no problems with since there were so few German companies considering this.

In the middle of the pandemic, I got an offer from a friend who is a team lead at I wanted to leave my pure system architect/ DevOps role and get deeper into software development while still being near to infrastructure topics.

I am now working in the team which provides PaaS, for example, Kubernetes as a service, Postgres as a Service, etc. Perfect fit for the time being!

Updated at 2021-06-19