pc-switch: first 3D render

First 3D render of the new pc-switch.

pc-switch: first 3D render
3D rendering of the new pc-switch

Just a quick update on the pc-switch side of things.

I hired a more skilled person regarding PCB design and they already started working. This is the first rendering of the pc-switch. Be aware there might be changes, but this is how it might look like. But this version should be easier to produce with pick and place machines. Therefore I do not need to do any soldering. That makes it available to folks who do not want or like to solder, like me and just want a product while still being able to use ESPHome or flash whatever they want. That is what the USB-C (USB to serial) is for.

If you want to buy this at some point I need your help by showing a bit of traction. Currently, you can do that by either forwarding this mail to a friend who might be interested or filling out the survey: https://forms.gle/sxy2RqHZSaN4fWXs5

I hope I can order a prototype soon from JLCPCB.

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