The pc-switch

The pc-switch for ESPHome. A small little device enables you to turn on and off your PC from Home Assistant, check if your PC is currently on, or off and hard reboot or reset if needed.

The pc-switch
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An ESP8266 based device, using ESPHome to control your PC via Home Assistant (WiFi):

  • Power on/off (Shutdown)
  • Hard shutdown (5-second hold)
  • Reset
  • Monitor PC state (on/off)
  • Still be able to use the front panel connectors buttons for power, reset, and the power led.
  • Power with 2 header pins. Grab power from your motherboard USB or other connectors.

What can it do?

The pc-switch is a small ESP8266 based device for your PC or server. You can connect your power, reset switch, and the power led from your motherboard to the pc-switch. Worry not, you can also connect your front panel connectors for these as well. You will not lose any functionality from your case.

Speaking of the case. Since this is WiFi-based and cases are often metal the case could weaken or even block the WiFi signal because it is acting as a Faraday cage.

The software is based on ESPHome, but you can flash anything you want. It is your device after all.

ESPHome directly integrates with Home Assistant. That way you have the ability to use all functionality via Home Assistant. You could even expose it to your voice assistant via Home Assistant.
I would not advise exposing the turn-off or toggle command. Someone, could accidentally just shut down your PC while you are working on something.


The software is built with ESPHome. You do not need to know to program. The configuration is written in YAML and can be found on the GitHub repo project:

GitHub - ajfriesen/pc-switch: esp8266 board to turn on/off your pc
esp8266 board to turn on/off your pc. Contribute to ajfriesen/pc-switch development by creating an account on GitHub.

Some pictures

Use cases

  • Save energy and turn off/on your 24/7 devices on a schedule. A server or NAS is mostly doing nothing when you sleep. That should be 7+ hours less energy consumption.
  • Turning on/off PC/servers which are hidden in your furniture. HTPC anyone?
  • Monitor the time the PC is actually powered on. Kids, can not lie anymore about their PC usage
  • Streamers could turn on/off their streaming rigs by schedule.
  • Map another button physical button in your house to control the PC.
  • No flaky WoL (Wake On LAN) is needed anymore

Here you will find all related blog posts. This is my first PCB ever so there was quite some learning involved.

pc-switch - ajfriesen
A small PCB that allows you to control your PC with Home Assistant powered by ESPHome. Turn on, off, reset, hard shutdown your PC, and even see the ON or OFF state in Home Assistant.

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