Decrypt and mount LUKS volume in GRUB rescue mode

I am running arch Linux on my server with LUKS disc encryption. I do need to type in my password every time I reboot the machine. Sometimes I have a typo and this happens:

Welcome to GRUB!

Attempting to decrypt master key...
Enter passphrase for hd1,gpt2 (<disk uuid>):
error: access denied
error: no such cryptodisk found.
error: disk `cryptouuid/<disk uuid>` not found.
Entering rescue mode...

Since with IPMI I do not need to attach a VGA cable and keyboard to my server but still the grub rescue console is something I am not familiar with and need to deal with.

You can mount the partition with cryptomount:1

cryptomount (hd1,gpt2)

Enter your password.

Then load the module for a normal boot

insmod normal



Now you should get forwarded to the grub boot manager as you typed the password correct the first time.

  1. cryptomount ↩︎

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