Sign up for my book: Pragmatic Self-Hosted

Sign up for my upcoming book: Pragmatic Self-Hosting - How to get started with Self-hosting for absolute beginners

Sign up for my book: Pragmatic Self-Hosted
My awful 2 minute cover made with canva

So, I am doing a thing soon. I will publish the first version of my book:

Pragmatic Self-Hosting - How to get started with self-hosting for absolute beginners

Pragmatic Self-Hosting

It is not a step-by-step guide, it is not a tutorial. It is more of a map to guide you through the first steps of self-hosting with the following topics:

  1. Choosing hardware
  2. Choosing an OS
  3. Installing an OS
  4. Network Basics to reach your servers
  5. Run applications with docker
  6. Exposing your applications
  7. Finding logs and a bit of troubleshooting
  8. Basic security
  9. Explaining File Systems

As you see this is not for Linux veterans but for absolute beginners. It is for my younger self.

The book is not done yet but when I get 10 signups I will publish the book in its current state. The current version has about 90 pages. I want to stay below ~200 pages.

There will be mistakes, unclear sections, etc. 100%.
But with Leanpub I can publish as often as I want to. I can adjust according to feedback during the writing process. There is also a private forum section for people who buy on Leanpub. There you can let me know if something is unclear or wrong. At least I think it is. Learning by doing.

PS: That cover is awful. I just created something in Canva in a couple of minutes. If you know someone who can offer me a better book cover, please let me know. Of course with compensation.

Last Words

How am I doing?

I love hearing from readers, and I am always looking for feedback. Is there anything you would like to read more or less of? You can just click on the 👍 or 👎 down below. What do you enjoy most about the newsletter, just let me know in the comments.

Have a great day! 👋