Migration from Home Assistant VM to Home Assistant Blue

Migration from Home Assistant VM to Home Assistant Blue

After 7 long months of waiting, I finally got my Home Assistant Blue. It is basically an Odroid N2+ with 128 GB EMC, Power Cable and a really nice looking case.

I mean look at this, doesn't it look just great?

Home Assistant Blue took apart

For the last year or so I am running Home Assistant in a VM. But that was my server I was also playing and learning with. Also, Kernel updates kept coming. Since this is exposed to the outside I want to keep it up to date. Every time I needed a restart the home automation was gone too.

I just wanted to have a separation of concerns with separate hardware. A raspberry pi does not cut it for me anymore. I do not want to deal with corrupt SD-Cards anymore. An Intel NUC could be basically the same in cost, but this Odroid N2+ just consumes way less power and is silent.

My plan:

  1. Backup the old instance
  2. Download the backup
  3. Start the Home Assistant Blue
  4. Get the MAC address of the new device
  5. Create a static IP for the new device with the MAC address
  6. Shut down the VM
  7. Go to the web interface with http://homeassistant.local:8123/ and restore from backup
  8. Wait for a little while and be done with it

That almost did work as expected. The only thing I had to do is: I had to reboot the Home Assistant Blue to access the home assistant instance under the new IP address. I guess the DHCP lease from the first boot was still valid, so a restarting did fix everything.

After that, Uptime Robot did send me an E-Mail that Home Assistant is up again. Almost perfect transition.