Weekly Musings #7 - Updating Ghost, Installing Ubuntu, Learning Docker, Raspberry Pi SD Card Corruption

Two new blog post about updating Ghost and installing Ubuntu on my Desktop. Found an awesome resource for learning docker and containers and an in depth article about Raspberry Pi SD Card corruption.

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Hey fellow nerds and wanna be nerds 👋

Another week has passed and we had a warm and sunny week here in Germany. Despite that I used my time wise to update this blog. The next days I want to write down how I have setup this blog but that is next week I guess.

Blog posts

I have setup my Linux Desktop PC with Ubuntu again and have written down some common tools I always install here: Common Tools and Apps I use on my Linux Machines. Might be interesting for the fellow Linux users out there.

This blog runs on Ghost and an update was due which I postponed because this gave me and others on the internet some trouble. If you come from MySQL 5 and updated to MySQL 8 and a certain Ghost version you will most likely have the same problem. Here I have written down what needs to be done and why for a docker setup: Ghost migration fails - How to migrate the default collation from MySQL 5 to MySQL 8

Random Stuff

Here is what I found interesting this week.

Container learning resource

Not sure how, but I stumbled across this huge deck of training material about Docker and containers!

Here is the HTML rendered version: https://container.training

And the GitHub repository for the slides:

GitHub - jpetazzo/container.training: Slides and code samples for training, tutorials, and workshops about Docker, containers, and Kubernetes.
Slides and code samples for training, tutorials, and workshops about Docker, containers, and Kubernetes. - GitHub - jpetazzo/container.training: Slides and code samples for training, tutorials, and...

I remember having a hard time getting into containers around 2016. Have looked at the slides briefly (over 800!) and it seems a good learning resource!

I have done some self-hosting with containers on my NAS and learned so much. That has opened the path to Kubernetes later on which I which is part of my work now.

Have fun learning containers, it sure is damn helpful to know Docker, containers, and the ecosystem around it!

Raspberry Pi SD Card Corruption

A couple of Raspberry Pi have made it into my possession. One was working at my parents home as an ad blocker with AdGuard. A few weeks ago that died because of power cable ripping in and out. I told them to not do that, but I should have know better. 😅

At the same time I saw an article about SD Card corruption regarding the Raspberry Pi by coincident. And the thing about the internet and bad reviews: They do not change because people always repeat what people said before without doing new research. Especially with a lot of time passing, the fact could change but the general opinions stays the same. So have a read about the actual problem of SD Card corruption on the Raspberry Pi, it is a really interesting read:

Raspberry Pi And The Story Of SD Card Corruption
Tales of Raspberry Pi SD card corruption are available online by the fistful, and are definitely a constant in Pi-adjacent communities. It’s apparent that some kind of problems tend to arise …

That is it for now.

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